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On October 19, 2020, RAM Care Foundation was initiated through a limited team of members with a firm enthusiasm to transform contemporary society and build a better India for the future. We put incessant efforts to eliminate the despair, hardships, struggles faced by the people. Our foundation pays attention to strengthening livelihood, education, and food. Our organization aims to underprivileged, economically weaker sections. We want to work for every needy person irrespective of age, religion, gender, and all that. We have worked for the welfare of slum areas residents, people living under the bridge, beggars, and many others.
Human welfare is the biggest objective for us. And in that, we primarily work for those people and children who are deprived of basic facilities. We are working tirelessly to fulfill basic needs like education, health, and food. We endeavor to bring positive changes in the lives of the deprived, poor, exploited, and disadvantaged sections of society. We are happy that our small efforts have increased the scope for significant change and improvement of the standard of living of the needy people, kids, and economic weaker section of the society.

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What We Do




Clothes & Footwear

Come let's make together make a Smile on their faces, and get Thousands of Blessings.


URGENT : Distribution of Vitality Kit among Thousands of Families

Due to rising in the case of Covid Pandemic, we at Ram Care Foundation took a step for their livelihood who lives in unprivileged area. These people are really suffered from this Pandemic situation and they don’t have any precaution things like hand sanitizers, face masks, gloves to survive in the world Covid Pandemic.

We at Ram Care Foundation taking initiative to distribute Vitality Kits among these family.

Regular - Meal and Snacks Distribution among Poor and Needy-Homeless.

We at Ram Care Foundation distributes meal and snacks to people like who live in slum areas residents, people living under the bridge, beggars, and many others.

Come and support us to feed and reach more and more such people in need.

Education - Distribution of Stationary Kit.

We are providing Stationary Kits to poor children who have never seen school in their life. We at Ram Care Foundation takes the responsibility of those children to provide them with educational kit in order to take off the financial burden for those necessary things like School Bag, Water Bottle, Tiffin Box, Geometry Box etc.

Come and join us in this campaign for a better future of our children 

Support around the world

Our Team Members


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