On October 19, 2020, RAM Care Foundation was initiated through a limited team of friends with a firm enthusiasm to transform contemporary society and build a better world for the future. We put incessant efforts to eliminate the despair, hardships, struggles faced by the people. Our foundation pays attention to strengthening livelihood, education, and food. RAM Care Foundation has taken tremendous initiatives for their first program, “Distribution of 100 Burgers,” among poor and needy people of the society. We have organized our program on 14th Nov 2020 on the festive eve of Diwali. We have been working consistently from that day onwards. 

Our motive is to work for the underprivileged, weaker sections, backward people, and needy society inhabitants. We know that food and education are basic needs of everyone & life. Without education, one cannot have a respectful and valuable life. Food satisfies our hunger, and education satiates our intellectual thirst.

We mainly work to provide basic facilities, including education and food. We give our complete endeavors to meet food and education requirements to every needy segment of society. Our continuous attempt is to bring end shore division of the public into mainstream society. If you are capable, financially strong, and have access to things, you can also contribute to making society free from any misery.

We feel proud and contented to contribute to the development and improvement of the different civilization sections. It’s our responsibility to fill the gap of happiness in people & life. Regardless of any community, religion, gender, demographic, and age, we make our efforts to obtain positive outcomes in the lives of deprived people.

We alone cannot create a world of happiness and facility for the people; we need participation, contribution, appreciation, and motivation from the competent, selfless, and philanthropist entities, individuals, and organizations

Our Mission

Free Food

Ram Care Foundation doesn’t let anyone remain hungry. We aim to reach as many people as possible and provide them food. There is no discrimination based on the age for food because everyone has a similar right to get food. Food pacifies our hunger and gives us the energy, nutrition, and calories that we need. 
We all know that food is the most important basic need of everyone’s life. We aim to reach such sections of the society, where people have to struggle for food two or three times. You will be sad and aback to know that India ranked 94th spot in the global hunger index out of 107 countries. Every year nearly 3 lakhs children and almost 25 lakhs people die because of starvation. Moreover, India is facing the malnutrition issue among children.
We feel disappointed to know that such a large population has become deprived of food and compels to death. But we, as a non-profit organization, have determined to reach the maximum number of people who are not getting food and required nutrition. We have taken many initiatives to feed people as much as we can. Our aim is not to let anyone left deprived of food and feed him/her as per our capacity. We are doing a noble cause and expect more and more people to join us, donate to our organization, and eliminate the hunger problem in India.

Free Education

We as an organization make sure to deliver education facilities to every poor and deprived family of kids. People consider food, accommodation and clothe their basic needs. But we need to understand that it is essential for a child or an individual to include education to make them self-dependent and prosper. Our constitution has given us the fundamental right to education. Every person or child has the fundamental right to get an education. We try t bring changes in our society by helping them in school education. We have taken the responsibility to provide education to every child to make a better and civilized society.

We have initiated providing education to the underprivileged and poor kids. We also organize different activities for the all-inclusive development of kids. The objective of providing education is to make them aware of current scenarios and basics and help increase knowledge. It is not only subject-wise education, but we also teach them about improving skills, behavior attitude, basic etiquettes, manners, etc.

  • Quality education is always needed to build a sophisticated society. It will help everyone to live a reputed life and contribute to the development of the country.
  • We aim to improve education quality at all phases and support needy kids to meet their educational requirements.
  • We work on the aspects like personal hygiene, child healthcare, and mental peace.
  • We also make it a stress-free, fun-loving, and comfortable academic atmosphere.
  • Our mission to bestow education facility to every child and provide them basic food, education, hygiene, and basic etiquettes training

Our Vision

Ram Care Foundation has a noble vision of reaching every child and needy individual irrespective of any section and providing required education and food. We make sure that everyone can access good quality and nutritious food. We are battling against malnutrition and hunger, and we are dedicated to creating a society where nobody remains hungry.
We feel that every person has the right to get an education. We have taken an initiative to help deprived and needy kids and adults to avail education. We make them understand their skills and capacity to shape up their career and life through quality education.

We are committed to deal with different issues upsetting human life, including women’s issues, gender inequality, socioeconomic distress, health care, hygiene, good food availability, quality education, clothes distribution, night shelter in winter, etc.

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Our Team Members


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The long journey to end poverty begins with a child.

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