What we Do


Meal to Poor and Needy

Will you be able to tolerate hunger for a single day? No, so think about those people who are struggling for a time to eat throughout the day. Ram Care Foundation has taken the responsibility that no needy person should go hungry. There is no age limit in our food delivery program. We have heard many stories and seen many people who take wrong tricks to fulfill the basic requirement like hunger like theft, assault, etc. It is our duty to provide food to our underprivileged and poor class who are struggling to meet basic needs like food. The most important thing is that we not only want to defeat hunger, but we also want to defeat the mindset that waste food.
It is shocking to know that approximately 40% of the food in marriages and events in India is wasted. Nearly 10 million weddings or event yearly in India has become one of the sole reasons of food wastage. The sad thing about India is that more than 25 lakhs of people die every year because of starvation. So we have decided that we will do our extent to feed needy and poor people. We have also started to collect food from the wedding so that we can eliminate the problem of food wastage. One stone cannot build a house; we need cooperation, moral support, financial contribution, manpower involvement, and many more to fulfilling this noble cause.


Education to Poor Children

There are significant numbers of children in India deprived of getting primary education. The quickly increasing population, poverty, and limited resources have compelled poor children to stay away from literacy. Poverty, discrimination, and lack of knowledge have become obstacles in learning for the poor section of the civilization. Most children drop out of school before they know fundamental knowledge and principles to survive in society. India comes at the 4th position out of 10 counties with the highest record of children leaving school at the primary level.
Ram Care foundation is continuously working to ensure that every kid gets a quality education and understands basic aptitude to live a better life in the future. We have been cracking challenging mountains of obstructions to education by supporting deprived, discriminated, poor, and exploited children. It also includes those children residing in the uncomfortable, cumbersome, and unhandy area of the country. We tend to do consistent practice to deliver primary and childhood education to the child. We work to improve the literacy rate and collaborate with teachers, mentors, and academic people to spread education. We are helping school drop pit youth to access education and professional skills to get an excellent job for their financial stability and regular earning for survival through our efforts.


Snacks to Poor Children

Ram care foundation has been working on delivering snacks to poor children to satiate their hunger to some extent. Though it is a little contribution, we make sure that every deprived and poor child gets nutritious food. Hunger generally affects people from poor backgrounds, economically weak sections of society. A child needs healthy food to survive and better future in life.
The hungry children can invite sickness, hospitalization, and even tragic death. We don’t want any child to struggle for food; that is why it is our little effort to provide snacks to deprived kids. We are fortunate that people from the financially strong background are also cooperating with us. Many volunteers are contributing from their personal assets; some have raised funds through their social connection and other sources.
Our motto is to give essential nutrition to every needy child so that he/she can concentrate on other activities. We are trying to spread our snacks distributing program on the pan India level. Donate and contribute to this program so that we can develop a better society of healthy children with no scarcity of food and education.

Clothes and Footwear

Clothes and Footwear to Poor and Needy

Ram Care Foundation is trying to fulfill the basic facilities of poor and needy people. We have
started a campaign to distribute and donate Clothes and Footwear to poor, deprived, and
underprivileged people of all ages. We aim to collect clothes and make them accessible to the
people who need them desperately.
Plenty of people and kids are homeless, or they are residing in slums and footpaths. It is hard to
tolerate chilling winter. People with no shelter don’t have enough resources to prevent
themselves from trembling winter season. We feel cold even we are living in our home with
enough clothes and a heater. Think about those people who are helpless to bear such an
uncomfortable season. Several people die because they couldn’t handle shivering cold. We have
many winter clothes that we don’t wear or unusable for us. It is high time to donate such clothes
to needy people to help them stay warm in the winter season.
It is not only for winter, but normally, people also needed clothes to save themselves from the
scorching heat of summer and other seasons. Many people who work in construction, site, doing
the job as labor, rickshaw driver, etc. and they have don’t have sufficient money to buy clothes.
We have also experienced many kids pressured in begging in the street, and they have no clothes
to save from intolerable weather. Ram Care Foundation is trying to eliminate this problem and
urge people to donate clothes to poor and needy people.